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10 March 2015

Brand New Whack-A-Politician Game Launches for Android – Introducing ‘Politics Bash’

Ever wished you could bop a politician on the head, whack-a-mole style? Now you can – in a virtual sense anyway! – with a fun new political satire game which has launched for Android devices. ‘Politics Bash’ is a fun, addictive and topical game which puts a twist on the classic arcade favourite – instead of whacking moles, players will be whacking hilarious caricatures of David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband and Nicola Sturgeon.

With the General Election just a matter of weeks away, the nation’s leading politicians have been forced front and centre, commanding the spotlight as they try to canvass votes and convince the country they are fit to rule. Unfortunately, the side effect of such media saturation is that many people are tired of looking at the same faces – and they might feel a slight urge to thwack them over the head!

Politics Bash allows voters to let out their frustrations with the political heavyweights in a fun and enjoyable way, totting up points as they go. Lined up before the iconic Houses of Parliament in London, there are seven holes in the ground, which politicians can poke their cartoon heads out of. Players can then tap the screen to bash the politician back down, before they run out of time!

The game is a great way for those disillusioned with politics to vent a little anger. Whether they’re fed up with Farage’s musings on Europe, or whether they’re tired of Nick Clegg’s broken promises, players can make their feelings known by whacking the brilliant caricatures of each politician and sending them crashing back down into the hole they popped up from.

A spokesman for Politics Bash says, “With the General Election fast approaching, we wanted to offer a light-hearted response to the media saturation that is surely to occur over the coming weeks. Many people will be sick of the sight of the key politicians fighting it out for seats and power – so we’ve offered them a fun and easy way to give the likes of Miliband, Clegg and Cameron a thwack over the head with a virtual mallet!”

Politicians have already started ducking and diving in the run up to the election, with carefully executed PR moves and events designed to make them the prime choice on the ballot papers. David Cameron has come under fierce scrutiny for his refusal to join the TV debates, while Ed Miliband still has many doubters who can’t see him taking the office at 10 Downing Street – no thanks to those unfortunate bacon sandwich images. Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats are facing a huge reduction in the number of seats, while parties like UKIP, the SNP and the Green Party are seeing surges in membership. If you’re already sick of the sight of these faces on your screen – get downloading Politics Bash!

The app is available for just 96p on the Google Play store, and can be played on all Android devices, including tablets and smartphones.

For more information about Politics Bash, or to download the app, visit the Google Play listing:

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