Beginnings – Benbo Smith

Justice. Equality. Join Benbo Smith as he takes a stand for what’s right. Poetry can be a platform for social change. With his distinct voice, poet Benbo Smith tackles unjust societal structures in a series of allegories on politics, economics, discrimination, and other ailments of the modern era. Using the…

Tim Cathery Is Dead – Atticus Brown

The novel, Tim Cathery Is Dead, is due for publication in January 2017.  Keep up to date with Atticus Brown by following his Facebook page.

Ghost of the Working Man – Miles Wall

The novel, Ghost of the Working Man, is due for publication in December 2016.  Keep up to date with Miles Wall by following his Facebook page.

Other People’s Emotions – Tamiko Ono

  The novel, Other People’s Emotions, is due for publication in November 2016. Keep up to date with Tamiko Ono by following her Facebook page

Deco Bird – A New Game for iPhone and iPad

Deco Bird is Splashlime’s latest App and it’s first iOS App

Press Release – Politics Bash

For immediate release 10 March 2015 Brand New Whack-A-Politician Game Launches for Android – Introducing ‘Politics Bash’ Ever wished you could bop a politician on the head, whack-a-mole style? Now you can – in a virtual sense anyway! – with a fun new political satire game which has launched for…

photograph of a screen in the mobile android app Politics Bash

Politics Bash Android App

Fed up with politicians, elections, and political rhetoric? Why not relieve that tension with this fun take on the fairground favourite Wack-a-Mole? This political satire features David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband, and Scotland’s first lady, Nicola Sturgeon.

Splashlime sponsors “My World Shared” London’s first Instagram exhibition

Splashlime is really excited to announce that we are part sponsoring My World Shared. My World Shared is a photography exhibition inspired by and featuring photos taken and shared through the iPhone app, and social network called Instagram. The exhibition is being held on the weekend of the 22nd October…