We are a collective of Designers, Developers, Writers, and Marketers taking the world of Apps, Websites, and Books by storm. We are Splashlime.

Design by nature

We are professional designers that are passionate about the look, feel, experience, and emotional empathy an App, Website or Book delivers.

Development with excellence

We are professional developers who are expert in all the latest mobile platforms and operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows. We have 20 years’ experience in delivering software driven solutions via desktop, mobile, and the web.

Communicate through copy

We are professional writers delivering content that speaks and converts our readers to follow, engage, purchase and shout about your brand, products, and services until the cows come home.

Market beyond the competition

We are professional marketers with the know how to target an audience with a message that brings them to your brand with purchasing in mind. Print, Digital, and Social are the mediums we eat, live and breathe.