About Us

Splashlime is an independent development studio and publishing house based in the UK that provides App, Web, and Software development services alongside traditional publishing in print and eBook forms. Splashlime believes that digital excellence does not need to cost the earth and should be accessible to all. We are proud to support the Indy App and Author revolution.

Our Services

We believe that behind every great App is a story that needs to be conceived, planned, developed, written, produced, tested, published, and marketed. We also believe that behind every great book there is the same process. That is why our services complement each other and are tightly integrated into everything we do. Our Software Development services allow you to integrate your Apps, Books, and Websites with your day-to-day business processes. We develop backends, desktop applications, web applications, and databases to power your business.

App Development for iOS and Android

We develop for a range of platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, Mac, PC, and the web). We build native Apps for each platform to ensure the best user experience.

Web Platforms and Marketing

Our web development and marketing platforms are a supplemental service aimed to help you market your App, Book or eCommerce site effectively. We partner with SpencerStones to provide a full digital marketing service alongside our platform and web development.

Print and eBook Publishing

Getting your book published can be a daunting process. We help indy authors by working with them to develop a process for success.

Software Development

Most apps consist of a mobile part and a backend, which we integrate with existing frameworks or APIs. We code in C#, C++, Object-C, Java, Swift, Python, Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4, Android Studio, Xcode, and Visual Studio.